I have quite a lot of Television Without Pity swag.

At least four t-shirts (the “Welcome to the TWoP, bitch!” one is a favorite). Buttons. Stickers. Postcards. A beer stein with a drinking game poorly printed on it. This seems like an opportune time to try and sell it on eBay, but alas, it’s all at my parent’s house in AZ.

But to be less of a vulture—man, I spent many many many hours on that site. There was one summer where I’d watch two reruns on TBS of Dawson’s Creek in the mornings before going to work at my high school job, and I’d read the old recaps simultaneously. There was much lurking in the Buffy forums, reading spoilers and loooooong arguments about why Spike was/wasn’t evil. Reading Gilmore Girls recaps made me aware of story structure and character consistency. Reading 24 recaps taught me my uncontrollable response to Kiefer Sutherland’s velvet growl was normal and natural. Then, later, I tried to write recaps for the first season of Mad Men and realized it took about 12 hours and was much, much harder than it looked (I never finished the last two or three episodes, shamefully). Its rapid downward spiral can’t be denied, but it will still be missed.