The Toast’s Femslash Fridays bring me joy like nothing else, even if I don’t see it until Monday, and this entry is especially beautiful: 

Rather like Thelma & LouiseTank Girl, and Fried Green TomatoesA League Of Their Own looks like a movie that was filmed in a separatist lesbian paradise, then four days before wide release, someone told the producers to try to make every female character plausibly straight. The compulsory heterosexuality is a sloppy afterthought — Rosie O’Donnell gets a boyfriend back home, Geena Davis pines after a distant husband, Madonna gets to dance with a few drunk soldiers, and everyone prayed that would be enough. No one bothered to do anything about Lori Petty’s character; it was too late to try.

ALSO ALSO: In this article, I learned that A League Of Their Own was inspired by a real woman named Josephine D’Angelo, who was an out lesbian! She was fired from the league for getting “a butchy haircut,” and was so hurt by that experience that she never saw the movie and stopped following professional baseball. You can read more about her at this link, because the Wikipedia entry for her doesn’t mention anything about her being gay (surprise surprise). 

In conclusion, everything in this edition of Femslash Friday shines with the beauty of pure truth, and I need to go home and watch this movie ASAP.