Just finished reading American Subversive, started reading Boys and Girls Like You and Me last night. These books don’t have much in common besides that they’re both published by Scribner, the paperbacks came out in early April, and the authors (David Goodwillie and Aryn Kyle) have been on book tour together. Kyle has been blogging about it, and their buddy flick vibe (kind of an older Seth and Ryan, maybe?) is hilarious and ultra-charming. I’d been meaning to read American Subversive for a while, but reading about their misadventures on book tour made me decide I had to read it immediately.

American Subversive is about a blogger at a Gawker-esque site who gets an anonymous tip about a bombing at Barney’s. He tries to track down the suspect (who happens to be a gorgeous woman) and figure out her motives, and along with the terrorism plot there is a healthy amount of New York-based ennui (which is the only kind I like), skewering of media and blog culture, and spot-on descriptions about what happens when you spend your youth in NYC. It’s funny, twisty, and totally believable (hot terrorists and courageous bloggers alike). 

Boys and Girls Like You and Me is a short story collection, and I’m only halfway through the second. But I’m sure it’s equally excellent!

I’m going to see them read tomorrow at 192 Books in Chelsea; that bookstore is one of those New York “businesses” that you can’t believe makes any money, but is so lovably impractical that you hope it keeps finding a way.

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